tuesday thoughts

1. i discovered thredUP yesterday and spent just a little too much time browsing all the clothing. it’s basically like an online thrift store, with pretty cheap prices for mostly new clothing. they have a pretty decent selection of clothing, from more formal to casual, and some designer brands as well (you can bet i’ll be stalking the free people page for some good stuff). i ordered 3 dresses and a romper for only $31 with the first time 40% discount. i also ordered a free bag to ship in any old clothes i have to see if i can get some cash for them. it looks like it’s pretty easy to return things as well, so i’ll let you know how that goes when the clothes get here!



if you’re interested in getting a free $10 to spend, use the link above or shoot me an email at juliannabananna at gmail dot com and i’ll get you hooked up! this isn’t sponsored, just a referral thing – i get $10, you get $10, so everybody wins. and everybody loves free clothes, amiright?

2. i’m glad you guys share my love for bananas + coconut + muffins. i think a banana nut chocolate chip muffin is in order next! i also made paleomg’s double chocolate espresso muffins over the weekend when i was home and they were amaaazing.

paleomg double chocolate espresso muffins

3. i saw this image on jessica’s new blog – it’s the greatist manifesto – and couldn’t help filling it out myself. i love it and it goes perfectly with my post last week on intuitive eating and exercise.

greatist, fitfluential 4. i’m kind of dying to switch to a self hosted blog. i like wordpress.com, but there’s not too much freedom with formatting and plugins and stuff like that. i also used to have google ads on my blogger site, but can’t put up any ads on this site, and let’s be honest – a (very) little tiny bit of extra cash would be nice. we shall see if i take the plunge sometime soon!

5. my roomie for the summer and i started watching one tree hill and we’re obsessed. such a good old 00’s show and it reminds me of friday night lights (high school drama, sports, etc). it’s a good thing i have a lot of stuff to do this summer otherwise i would probably finish the show in a week.

6. i am sooo looking forward to a beach day this weekend (already). i had such a good time at the beach two weekends ago and am making it a summer goal to get to the beach or the pool at least once a week. i mean, i am living in LA after all – gotta make the most of it!

santa monica beach

7. i worked on my snatch when i got home from the airport on sunday and i’m still sore today. holy cow. i hate snatches because i’m not very good at them, but i came to the realization that i’m not going to get any better at them if i don’t do them (shocker, i know). so this summer i’m committing to getting back up to my snatch PR weight and hopefully more than that. i also worked on my handstand walk and got about 5 hand steps before completely eating brick. the things we do for fitness. or maybe just the stupid embarassing things i do. don’t know why i decided it would be a good idea to practice walking on my hands on brick. come on, julianna. get it together.


8. soooo happy nectarines are in season.

nectarines and yogurt

9. i’m working on getting together an apartment meals series for you guys! i have a bunch of photos of what i’ve been making and what i’ve bought at the grocery store, but just need to figure out what format i want the series to take. i’m thinking i’ll do a post on mondays with the previous week’s grocery haul and then what i made from that. thoughts?

10. hope you all have an amazing tuesday!



have you heard of thredUP? best recipe you’ve made recently? 



    • i’ll be doing a follow up post on the pieces that i ordered, so keep an eye out for that! always happy to share fun clothing sites – hope you find something you like!

  1. Good luck switching to self-hosting! I started out on wordpress.com and am very happy I decided to make the change, you have a lot more control over your site. Also – I am currently feeling a bit snack-y and that nectarine in yogurt just looks juicy and delicious. Yum! :)

  2. nice! ive heard of threadup before! i’m still into the brick and mortar resale but it’s a cool concept!

    • yeah i do love the thrill of thrift shopping in actual thrift stores (and the ability to try on the clothing)! but i’m hopeful that i like the few things that i ordered from thredup, but if i don’t, fingers crossed the returns are easy.

  3. I love the #3 image. Yes to ICE CREAM. And nectarines!
    Killin’ those handstand walks, girl! I’m still working on my handstand, period. Can’t wait for the apartment meals series!
    Hope you have a great week, Julianna!

  4. ThreadUp sounds pretty cool. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard about it!

    • it’s a cool site! you have to dig through it a little to find the good stuff but once you do, it’s addicting. just like in a real thrift store! haha. i’ll be posting a post later with the dresses i ordered and how i like the service!

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