wiaw: recent eats

happy wednesday! so happy that the week is halfway done; it’s all downhill from here. and as per usual, every couple weeks i find i have a ridiculous amount of food photos on my phone and finally upload them so that i can share some recent eats with ya’ll. so here we go!

IMG_20140417_132215299big salad with all the veggies, feta, kale vinagrette, and a few crackers (and a spinach leaf saying hello!)IMG_20140417_062345083

morning snackage


breakfast cookie topped with greek yogurt, frozen raspberries, and honey


first time at lemonade! got the truffle mac n cheese (i died. best mac n cheese i’ve ever had!), a mushroom & farro salad, and a edamame & snap pea salad. and a blood orange lemonade because how can you go to a restaurant named lemonade without ordering some?


still addicted to these babies.


chipotle! brown rice, pinto beans, chicken, pico, corn salsa, little bit o cheese, and a massive amount of guac & lettuce. this bowl was so big- the lady seriously put like 3 huge scoops of rice in it- that i actually had leftovers for lunch the next day!


TJ’s sprouted cinnamon raisin bagel with Nuttzo and coconut butter


typical quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, potatoes, and bacon. if i’m in a rush in the morning the fastest breakfast is always at the closest dining hall, which means lots of eggs + potatoes. usually i’ll have some cantaloupe and coffee on the side too.


strawberries and the sweetest pineapple & a big salad with all the veggies, a little cheese, and kale vinagrette


friday night five guys burger. this was the mini size and it was like the size of a normal burger. i can’t imagine how huge their ‘regular’ sized burger is!


best snack ever: tj’s unsweetened dried mango!


part of a recent breakfast: southwestern eggs benedict


today’s breakfast: omelet with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, bacon, & feta // potatoes // oj


shrimp taco tuesday!


recent breakfast of oats cooked in almond milk, nuttzo + cookie butter, and frozen raspberries.


the usual salad monster, strawberries, and a quinoa, bean, & avocado wrap


square bar study snack. never had this bar before, my mom sent it in a care package and i loved it!


and i am currently drowning the sorrows of my physics midterm that i just took with this iced coffee. brain. hurts.

happy hump day! 

best thing you’ve eaten today/this week? 

five guys or in-n-out?

six things saturday 4.19.14

since i missed five things friday yesterday.. six things saturday it is!

six things

1. this.


2. i really, really want to go on a hike. get some fresh air and out of the city. times like this when i wish that midterms weren’t a thing and i could just go and explore every weekend.

3. my brother got me this mug and it’s literally bigger than my face. best present ever. pretty sure one mug is like 5 cups of coffee.


4. naps in the sunshine are the best. it was the perfect weather on wednesday for sleeping outside and i just zoned out listening to dan + shay in the hour gap i had between classes.


5. i saw captain america last night and it was great! i liked it better than the first one, highly recommend.

6. my mom sends the best care packages of all time. i got this one today for easter and it has pretty much all of my favorite things in it.

care package

six songs on repeat

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paleo reeses eggs


to beach

sprinkle cupcake

look up more

mandela quote

if you’re reading this on Sunday, happy Easter! He is risen!