hello friends!

wowiieee it has been an insane last couple of weeks. i don’t even know where to begin, but i do know that i don’t want to skip over recapping it because it’s something i’m going to want to be able to go back and read in a few years.



graduating college, going to disneyland, packing up half my apartment to drive home, coming home, going to a zillion doctors appointments to get everything in order for nursing school, trying to finish an online class, apartment searching, going back to crossfit again, and more has kept me extremely busy!

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(grad dinner at shake shack! cause i’m classy like that haha. it’s all i wanted!)

i definitely didn’t mean to fall off the face of the internet, but i have to keep reminding myself that you can’t do it all and sometimes things slide. and thats ok! i’ve been spending time with family and loved ones, making time for fun summer things, all while still taking a class and trying to get my huge checklist for Emory whittled down day by day.

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i’m planning on writing a graduation weekend post soon as well as some other things coming up in the works, but so that i don’t put too much pressure on myself, i’m just committing to one blog post a week.

as always i’m usually posting a lot more frequently on instagram (@julibananna) and i am always snapping on my snapchat (the snapcode is in my sidebar or you can search me by my username – julibananna) so be sure to follow me there for more daily updates! i did a full day of eating snap story the other day which was a lot of fun to do.


as for the next couple of weeks, i will be finishing my online class and taking the last final before nursing school, heading up to Oregon for the 4th of July weekend + camping + some outdoor adventures, spending one more weekend at home, and then headed to the BlogFest/Idea World fitness conference and getting my Schwinn spinning certification, then a trip to New York with my family, and then getting everything all packed up in a whirlwind to make the cross country drive to Atlanta.

and just typing all that out makes me super excited and slightly exhausted already, haha! #coffeeme

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i hope you guys are doing well! thanks for sticking with me through this period of lots of transitions!

love ya lots!


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exciting things happening

**just a quick note: thank you to all who have checked up on me and made sure i was okay after the events of yesterday morning. i am still processing things, which is why there isn’t mention of that happening in this post. thank you for all of your support. keep professor klug, his family, and the ucla campus in your prayers.**

do you guys ever have those days where you feel like your head is just buzzing because there’s so much going on, so many emotions, and lots of things to be excited about?! that’s how i’ve been feeling lately and since i have a half an hour before i have to go into my last review session i thought i’d pop in with a few updates (featuring quite a few throwback photos)!

1. i’m going to the IDEA World Fitness Blogfest in July and couldn’t be more excited about it! i know i mentioned it before but it was so long ago that i signed up and i just started getting excited again. can’t wait to see Kaila and P and meet other people who are going!

2. i also just signed up to get my Schwinn indoor cycling certification as a preconference session the day before the conference started. at UCLA, you don’t need a cycling certification to teach spin (i have a group fitness instructor certification and went through assisting a class before i could teach), but in a lot of other places you do need that extra certification so i figured it would be the perfect time to do that. excited to hopefully learn something new from it!

(throwback photo after teaching spin)

3. the apartment search has begun… i’m started to get anxious and antsy because i just want to know where i’ll be living next year! two girls from the nursing program and i are trying to get a 3 bedroom apartment and although we’re a little far out to really begin the search (just under 2 months from moving) i can’t wait to get a place locked down. the thought of having my own bedroom again makes me want to cry tears of joy.

4. i am going to be doing a month of CrossFit at my old box again once i get home after graduation until the middle of July when i’m coming back to LA for the IDEA conference. i can’t WAIT to get back into it- you guys, i have missed CrossFit soooo much, especially the community- and am also excited to look for a box to go to in Atlanta. i’m hoping to teach 1 or 2 spin classes a week either at Emory’s gym or somewhere else in Atlanta, and then the rest of the time go to CrossFit to keep my sanity in the craziness of nursing school.


(throwback to my first- and only- crossfit competition in the summer of 2013)

5. my dad booked a trip for my family to go to New York and see Billy Joel in madison square garden at the end of July and i already can’t wait to go. family trips are the best and we haven’t been to NY since i was in high school.

(flashback to baby Julianna)

new york 2011

6. 99% sure that my graduation dinner this year will be at shake shack. one just opened in west hollywood, and after getting to finally have shake shack again last weekend after a fun trip in Vegas, i’m still craving it. everyone in california probably hates me for saying this but i would pick shake shack over in-n-out any day, which is saying something because i LOOOVE in-n-out. i also am not the hugest fan of fancy dinners, and since a lot of places will be mobbed due to graduation, a lowkey burger + the best fries in the world + concretes sound pretty dang nice to me. oh, and did i mention that we’re going to Disneyland that weekend since i have a day between my two graduation ceremonies?!

shake shack

7. i got some more grad photos back this afternoon and want to share them all! might do a second post with them soon. but looking at the photos also made me not want to chop off my hair! i have been thinking about cutting it short again after graduation since it is getting hot again and i’m 99% sure the humidity in georgia is going to ruin my hair. BUT, i love how it looks long! thoughts?!

this post in a nutshell: life is pretty sweet right now and i am so thankful for all of these crazy blessings. the next two months are going to be a wild ride and i can’t wait!

what are your plans for the next few weeks/months?! i’d love to hear! 


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huge grocery haul + this week’s meal plan

hey guys! long time no see!

first off, wanted to start this post with this:


A photo posted by Julianna Foster (@julibananna) on

i hope you are all having a wonderful memorial day weekend! i took a little bit of an unintended break from blogging the last week or two – and honestly i didn’t feel like writing much after hearing about a friend from the blogging community that passed away after a long fight with anorexia. i didn’t really know what to say and i still don’t exactly have the words, but i will direct you to two friends’ posts who did have the words. maybe someday soon i’ll piece mine together.

all i can really say right now is that i’m still in shock but i’m so thankful for what katie gave me and so many others in this community. she was a ray of light and positivity, never failing to make me laugh, and always posted supportive comments here on the blog and on instagram. <3

rest in peace, katie via hayley blake

dealing with loss via drops of jules


i thought that this week i’d share with you a huge grocery haul that i did at ralph’s and trader joes. i needed groceries that will last me until graduation but i think this will do the trick!

trader joe’s: 


  • baby spinach
  • cruciferous crunch mix
  • broccoli
  • broccoli and kale slaw salad
  • bag of avocados
  • 6 bananas
  • frozen microwaveable brown rice
  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen beef tamales
  • greek yogurt
  • 2 cartons of jumbo eggs (homegirl eats a lot of eggs.. haha)

i got the bananas and strawberries for smoothies and the frozen microwaveable brown rice is a total life saver for when you’re short on time. it’s only 2.99 which isn’t bad for 3 big bags of rice that are precooked.



  • light sour cream – for a recipe
  • pad thai sauce (i’ve tried to make my own.. but honestly it never comes out the same as when someone else makes it)
  • olive oil butter spread
  • salsa
  • pad thai noodles
  • silk unsweetened almond milk
  • sharp cheddar and monterey jack cheese
  • bacon – because it was on sale
  • maple sausage
  • chicken breast – normally i wouldn’t buy this much but it was the smallest pack they had, and at 1.77/lb i couldn’t pass it up


  • green grapes – 50% off
  • two bags of frozen stir fry veggies – for pad thai
  • 3 ears of corn – on sale and i was in the mood!
  • red potatoes and golden potatoes
  • strawberries – 2 for $5


if you can’t tell, the main way i save money when i grocery shop is that i pretty much don’t buy anything that isn’t on sale. i look at the ads and coupons online before i go to the store so that i can meal plan based on what’s on sale. unless there’s like one specific ingredient i need for a recipe, if it’s not on sale i don’t buy it. (trader joe’s being the exception since they don’t have sales, but depending on what you buy there most of it is a really good deal.)

here’s the next two weeks’ main meals i’m planning on making:

  • 1/2 recipe of chicken ole with brown rice, mexican vegetables (i have some in the freezer), and light sour cream
  • chicken pad thai – i literally just cook the chicken, noodles, and sauté the vegetables, and mix it all together with the premade pad thai sauce and sriracha. easy peasy
  • grilled chicken with corn on the cob, roasted broccoli, and homemade potato wedges
  • premade trader joe’s kale salad with extra spinach and grilled chicken
  • beef tamales with rice and corn on the cob


  • sauteed cruciferous crunch mix, sausage or bacon, eggs, and leftover potatoes
  • frozen blueberry waffles (already had some in the freezer) with cashew or almond butter and sliced strawberries
  • smoothies with spinach greek yogurt and fruit
  • perfect bars – i bought a box awhile back and still have a few

snacks will be the grapes, perfect bars, smoothies, greek yogurt with berries, and i’m planning on making a batch of homemade peanut butter protein balls – i’ll share the recipe once it’s perfected! and i also have some leftover talenti gelato and golden oreos for treats because you gotta live a little ;)

what are your go-to meals every week? mine are definitely mexican rice bowls and homemade pad thai.


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dear UCLA


dear UCLA,

it seems like just yesterday that i was setting foot on campus for the first time as a student, seventeen years old and incredibly excited for the next four years of my life. and here we are, in may of 2016, so close to graduation i can almost taste it.

graduation 2016 ucla

four years ago i never would have imagined that i’d be where i am.

you challenged me in so many ways. there were days that i felt like the stupidest person in the room, days that i hated going to class, and there were days that made me feel so accomplished. there were tests that went great and some that didn’t go so well. there were classes that i hated with every fiber of my being, but those classes made the good ones (although few and far between) that much better. you saw me through three changes in majors, and what seemed like many life crises.


(trust me, i was never this happy in a library… haha)

but i am so grateful i got to be here, because it was working in the hospitals here that eventually sparked a desire in me to become a nurse. it was those hours spent in the hospital, going on errands, talking with patients, playing with patients, even braiding patients hair, that allowed me to see just how big of an impact nurses have on people’s lives and hearts. and i’m entirely convinced that it was my experience here that allowed me to have the opportunity to head to emory next fall.

emory sign mom

during my time here with you, i fought through a period of depression my sophomore year, i made it through a fitness leadership program that i never thought i would make it alive out of, i survived heartbreak during a finals week or two, and so much more. you taught me to persevere, you taught me to be stronger.

you made me hate living in LA but also made me feel incredibly grateful for the experience of living in a big city. this city allowed me to go to countless concerts, trips to disneyland, late nights out line dancing, and do so many things that made me feel so alive.


you witnessed a huge transformation in my fitness. from someone who could barely perform any olympic lifts to teaching classes that involved them, from someone who always took group fitness classes to someone teaching them. i ran a marathon when i was 19 years old, participated in plenty of fun obstacle course races, PR’d every single lift, and became a leader. during my time here i escaped the depths of my negative thoughts surrounding my body and food and allowed so much more freedom and happiness in my life.

IMG_2194 IMG_2180

finally, one of the most important things of all: being at UCLA led me to meet some of the most amazing people i’ve ever had the privilege of being friends with. through thick and thin there were always people supporting me and making me feel at home even through the worst of times. when i felt broken and beaten down my friends were the people that told me that i could keep going. they were the ones who made me laugh so hard i cried, who went on mcdonald’s runs at midnight when we thought we couldn’t survive one more final, who were there to wipe the tears over a guy, who made birthdays and holidays so much fun, who went on late night drives with the windows down blasting our favorite music, and so much more. i can’t put into words how grateful i am for these people.

IMG_2198 IMG_2360

i had the blessing of living with these three girls in one of the tiniest apartments and they were the ones that made it bearable even when we didn’t have electricity in the kitchen or someone was having yet another obnoxious party outside our bedrooms or when yet another thing stopped working in our apartment. and we made it through everything together.

IMG_2318 IMG_2379

and i can’t write a single thing about this school without talking about my family. my parents who made it possible for me to even be here, for working so hard to provide for me and for Jay. the many phone calls i made to my parents when i was in tears thinking that i wasn’t going to pass a class, get into a major, make it into nursing school, survive heartbreak, and so much more. every time i called whoever picked up the phone managed to calm me down and tell me: you can do this. and they were right.

to my brother Jay, who i got to live within 5 minutes of for three years, who helped me move and build furniture, who went to the store for me when i was sick, who ran a freaking marathon with me, who always let me come over and rant when i thought i just couldn’t take it anymore, who celebrated my birthday with me when everyone else was busy, and so much more. i wouldn’t have made it without you.

jays graduation family jays grad 2

(flashback to Jay’s graduation last year!)

and honestly, this post doesn’t do any of this justice. my words fail to explain just how thankful i am for the last four years of my life and the people in it. i am a different person than i was when i walked on campus at seventeen years old. as i prepare to leave this place for the last time as a student at twenty one years old, i feel so grateful for all the change that has happened, everything i learned, and everything that made me stronger. i am ready for all the changes that are ahead knowing that i have some of the best people in the world by my side.


so, UCLA: thank you for everything. Bruin born, Bruin bred, Bruins til the day we’re dead.

4 more weeks until it’s official!


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photos by Evan Yang Photography

(sun)day in the life

hi guys!

i haven’t done a day in the life post in a little while so i thought i’d share with you a full day of eats/workout/general sunday laziness, haha!

i always sleep in super late on the weekends, so i didn’t wake up until 10:30 or so (and i went to bed just before midnight) and didn’t get out of bed until 11. my body needs a lot of sleep and i actually function the best if i get at least 9 hours so it’s always nice to be able to sleep even more than that on the weekends.

when i got up i made some coffee which i sipped on while making breakfast! i usually eat eggs for breakfast but last week my favorite frozen blueberry waffles were on sale so i decided to make some of those. for those of you who shop at Kroger/Ralph’s they’re the simple truth organic gluten free waffles. i’m not against gluten in the slightest but these gluten free waffles get so perfectly crispy on the outside and i like them the best! i topped them with cashew butter, strawberries, and a drizzle of honey and also cooked up a side of bacon. such a good breakfast!

blueberry waffles and bacon

while i was eating i decided to go to the gym even if just for 20 minutes to get a little sweat on. i wasn’t super feeling like going but also wanted to get in some steps for the day, so i made a preworkout drink to get some more energy and told myself i could leave after 10 minutes if i wasn’t feeling it.

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this is my favorite preworkout drink ever! i mix one scoop of slap nutrition pumpkin preworkout with about 1 cup of coffee and 1/2 cup of unsweetened soy milk (or almond milk or whatever i have on hand) and add a crap ton of ice. i definitely do not recommend this if you are sensitive to caffeine, haha!

once i got to the gym the preworkout energy started kicking in and it was super empty so i actually got in a great workout!

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i did 3×10 of each of the following, alternating between the first two exercises, then the second two, etc:

  • bench press
  • single arm row
  • push-ups
  • cable rows
  • wide grip lat pulldown
  • bicep curls
  • tricep extension
  • hammer curls

and then finished everything off with 10 minutes on the arc trainer for a little cardio. that thing is no joke!

once i finished my workout i came home and mixed up peanut butter slap nutrition whey protein with 1/2 water 1/2 unsweetened soy milk while i decided what to eat for lunch.

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i made this hodgepodge rice bowl last week when i didn’t have many groceries and it wasn’t my favorite dish, but i needed to eat it before it went bad so i sucked it up. at least i had cheese and avocado this time! i think the rice bowl was just a bag of steam in bag brown rice, a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, a can of black beans, and leftover cooked chicken breast. i think it wasn’t too good just because the veggies and chicken were a little old… #ew

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after this i started two loads of laundry and facetimed my family for mother’s day! when they left to go to the movies and hung up, i had the intention of getting work done but ended up just starting to watch once upon a time on netflix again (i used to watch the show a lot when it first aired but haven’t seen it in a long time). after my laundry was done my stomach started to really not feel good- now that i think about it, it was probably the kinda old food i ate for lunch- so i decided to just take it easy and lay on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.

i made some comfort food for dinner later in the evening: domino’s pizza that i decided to put a fried egg on which was a freakin’ awesome idea! my favorite domino’s pizza is white sauce with mushrooms and sausage and the egg just completed the meal. i ended up going back for a third slice and another fried egg because it was so good.

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after more couch potato-ing i caught up with my roommates and then we decided to go get froyo instead of doing homework. because dessert > responsibilities and we all have senioritis in a bad way.

we went to a new froyo place and i got tart yogurt with mochi, strawberries, gummy bears, sprinkles, yogurt chips, and these little chocolate curl things. ’twas delicious.

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after we came home i ended up just browsing social media and going to bed after i realized that nothing productive was going to happen, haha. i didn’t have anything due so it wasn’t imperative that i get anything done, and i think i really needed the break!

this is a pretty good example of how my weekends usually go- i start the day off pretty healthy and then usually end up eating less healthy food and more treats in the evenings, which usually doesn’t happen during the week. it makes me happy and works for me!

how was your weekend? do anything fun?