six things saturday 4.19.14

since i missed five things friday yesterday.. six things saturday it is!

six things

1. this.


2. i really, really want to go on a hike. get some fresh air and out of the city. times like this when i wish that midterms weren’t a thing and i could just go and explore every weekend.

3. my brother got me this mug and it’s literally bigger than my face. best present ever. pretty sure one mug is like 5 cups of coffee.


4. naps in the sunshine are the best. it was the perfect weather on wednesday for sleeping outside and i just zoned out listening to dan + shay in the hour gap i had between classes.


5. i saw captain america last night and it was great! i liked it better than the first one, highly recommend.

6. my mom sends the best care packages of all time. i got this one today for easter and it has pretty much all of my favorite things in it.

care package

six songs on repeat

six pins (click to pin)

paleo reeses eggs


to beach

sprinkle cupcake

look up more

mandela quote

if you’re reading this on Sunday, happy Easter! He is risen!

50 Shades of Fit Featured Blogger Series

my girl Kaila over at healthy helper started up this awesome series, 50 shades of fit, to highlight the fact that we’re all different and there isn’t one type of fit. i was honored to be tagged to participate in the series!


some info from her blog post:

What is the 50 Shades of Fit Featured Blogger Series? First read this post.

Fitness is defined differently for everyone. There truly are (more than!) 50 shades of fit in this world and as long as you’re incorporating fitness into your life in a healthy way for the right reasons, then you’re doing it right! 

Fitness doesn’t have an end point. It isn’t a mountain that you can get to the top of. It’s a continuum that we’ll all be on for the rest of our lives and no one place on it is better than any other. Instead of criticizing, judging, or ridiculing others based on where they are, we should be lifting each other up, encouraging each other, and congratulating each other for making choices to stay healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So take a moment to appreciate where you are on your own fitness journey and try to remain positive and tolerant of where other people are on theirs. The 50  Shades of Fit Featured Blogger Series is a way to celebrate some of the diverse definitions of fit in our society! 

there’s a series of questions for each nominated blogger to answer && i can’t wait to see this spread around the blog world!

so here we go…

currently, what does “fit” mean in your own life? 

i’d say that ‘fit’ in my own life at the moment means doing the best that i can for where i am in my life. it might sound a little odd, but for so long i put pressure on myself to workout x days per week and didn’t really take into account everything else going on in my life. i’ve come to a point where i’ve realized that i need to do what makes me feel good. if i feel like working out and lifting heavy to blow off some steam, great! if i’m completely exhausted and just need a nap instead, then that’s what i’m going to do. i’m also training to be a spin instructor (as well as teaching step & total body challenge classes) at the moment so i’m doing my best to get better at that. and i’m still trying to get back to my pre-marathon training strength, so i’ve made it a goal to go to barbell classes more this quarter.

when did you initially get more interested in incorporating health and fitness into your lifestyle? 

i became more interested in health and fitness when i reached high school and suddenly became conscious of my body. i wasn’t happy with how i looked, so i first started getting into fitness because i wanted to change that. i think that’s how a lot of people become interested in health and fitness but aren’t comfortable with admitting that. thankfully, my motivation for wanting to be healthy and fit has long since changed – i want to do what makes me happy and makes me feel good. i am more confident in my body than i have ever been and have come to appreciate just how much my body does for me. i think it’s really hard to grow up in the age of fitness without developing negative body image these days. definitely something that needs to change in our society!

what are some of your favorite ways to get moving? 

i love SO many things! i am one of those people who is always trying new things and loves adventure. i love to run (a love that stems all the way from my days playing competitive soccer), and more recently in the past couple years have fallen in love with functional training and olympic & power lifting. i also love obstacle races, group fitness classes, playing sports, dancing!, and just getting outdoors.

IMG_20140309_161429 IMG_0144

in what ways do you inspire and encourage others to add some sort of fitness to their own lives? 

i hope that in the classes i teach, i am inspiring people & educating them, to help them become more fit! i also hope that through this little blog i’ve been able to inspire readers to add some fitness to their lives.

what is one piece of advice you would give someone who is just starting their fitness journey and exploring what works for them? 

i would tell someone to just keep trying things if they don’t seem to have found something that they like to do. i truly believe there is some sort of physical activity out there for everyone! :) i also would say that anything is going to be difficult when you’re starting out. when i first started lifting – i was awful at it. i’m sure my form was horrendous and i could not lift much weight at all. almost two years later and i have seen worlds of improvement.

tag 3 other people to share their own ‘shade of fit’! 

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huge thanks again to kaila for starting such a sweet movement <3

i’d love to hear your responses to one (or more!) of the questions above!